Skin Care

The naturally occurring plant-derived bioactive triterpenes in the HTSNE  have proven to be very powerful in protecting skin against environmental stress and premature ageing.  Clinical research have shown its ability to regenerate skin by strengthening the epidermal skin barrier and fight inflammation caused by stress and pollutants.  

Benefits of HTSNE on the skin


  • Anti-inflammation

UV rays and/or pollutants in the environment can induce inflammatory reactions in the skin.

A comparison study of HTSNE versus Hydrocortisone indicated the reduction of inflammatory markers by the HTSNE treatment, thus reduce the effect of environmental stress and other damaging processes.

  • Stimulating collagen production, improving overall health and appearance

Morphological studies have shown a dense and well-formed collagen network in the papillary dermis with HTSNE treatment, evaluated ex vivo after 6 days.

  • Strengthening skin barrier

In comparison with a placebo cream, treatment with HTSNE cream resulted in a clearly thicker epidermis, evaluated ex vivo after 6 days.  The application of HTSNE cream resulted in a significantly improved skin barrier.