Osteoarthritis (OA) is estimated to affect 15%, or 630 million population worldwide.  It is believed to be the fourth leading cause of disability.

There are sufficient evidence from research and clinic studies showing the effectiveness of HTSNE on the prevention and relief of osteoarthritis and its symptoms.  The triterpenes contained in HTSNE can reduce inflammation by inhibiting the cytokines released by body’s own immune response.  The cytokines provoke inflammation and interrupt the body’s healing process.  When the inflammation is subdued, the pain and discomfort is relieved.  In addition, the body can thus properly repair the damaged tissues.

Below is an overview on this degenerative joint disease.

What is Osteoarthritis?

  • The word osteoarthritis means inflammation of the bone joint.


  “osteo” – meaning bone

  “arthr” – meaning joint

  “itis” – meaning inflammation

Stages of Osteoarthritis

The Cartilage Tissue

  • The cartilage is made up of collagen fibers (type II collagen) that act as the support structure to hold the cartilage filling (called proteoglycan).

Healthy Cartilage

  • In a healthy cartilage, the collagen fibers are intact. However, the collagen bands can break due to excessive joint use (wear-and-tear) or aging.

Damaged Cartilage

  • When the collagen fibers are damaged, the cartilage fillings (proteoglycans) leak out. This will reduce the lubrication of the joint and will cause the thinning of the cartilage. The thinning of the cartilage will result in reduced shock absorption abilities of the joint.
  • Furthermore, when bodily tissues are damaged, inflammation sets in from the body’s immune response.


  • When the tissue is damaged, inflammation sets in.

         A Vicious Cycle of Inflammation

 An effective management of osteoarthritis must:

  • First – Reduce & inhibit inflammation.
  • Then – Rebuilding cartilage through body’s own metabolism with the help of medication or nutritional supplements.

Clinical studies have shown that triterpenes such as lupeol, alpha-amyrin, beta-amyrin, and butyrospermol contained in the shea nut are effective in blocking the release of cytokines, hence inhibiting the inflammatory reaction.  Because of the research evidence, HTSNE has been used as dietary supplement to maintain joint health and as a novel therapy at the onset stage of osteoarthritis.