Shea Nuts - Nature's Wonderful Gift
Healing by Nature
Exploring The Therapeutic Power of Shea

HTSNE - High Triterpene Shea Nut Extract

An All Natural Way to Promote Health and Beauty

What is HTSNE?

HTSNE - High Triterpene Shea Nut Extract, is an extract from the fruits of Vitellaria Paradoxa, or commonly know as Shea Tree. It is refined from shea butter which resulted in a high amount of unsaponifiable matter. Recent studies have indicated that the substances such as triterpene and phytosterols contained in the unsaponifiable matter, along with high amounts of anti-oxidants, showed benefits in improving health.

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Health Benefits

HTSNE promotes health and beauty from the inside out. Its plant-derived triterpene compounds marked the nature’s most effective way to fight inflammation. It also contains essential fatty acids and phytosterols that enables the body to maintain overall health.

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Clinical Research

There were hundreds of researches and studies done in the last 3 decades relating to the beneficial properties of the naturally occurring triterpene compounds. Studies have shown that the shea triterpenes such as lupeol, α-amyrin, β-amyrin, and butyrospermol possess the therapeutic properties of inhibiting inflammation, reduce pain, and suppress cancer growth.

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